Farm Crocodile from South Africa

Welcome to the Crocodile Farm Inzintaba in South Africa

IZINTABA Farm Crocodile (Pty) Ltd

was founded in 1969. Thanks to constant company growth the crocodile farm succeeded in securing its position in the global crocodile skin supply chain.

The farm is located approximately 35 km west of Pretoria. It comprises 42 ha, of which 2.5 ha serve as enclosures for the crocodile breeding stock.

Hothouses for the rearing of hatchlings have been constructed on more than 10.000 qm. An abattoir, cold storage and freezer rooms, a heating system, an emergency backup generator and ponds for wastewater treatment belong to the facility.

Farm Crocodile South Africa

German Fritz Merk took over the farm in 2002. His aim was to transform the facility from a medium sized business into one with optimised production, a clear market strategy a scientific know-how application. In order to achieve this goal, Pit Süssmann, accepted the post as coordinator and managing director.

Pit Süssmann is implementing a business concept that will optimise and improve production. A team, including veterinarians and dietitians, support him in order to achieve a well balanced diet, optimum hygiene and heath care for the breeding of Nile crocodiles.

Ecological regulations are adhered to and great effort ist put into creating an environment conductive to the health and well beeing of our reptiles.

swimming nile crocodile

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