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In Asian countries crocodile meat has always been regarded as a delicacy.

The Chinese actually attribute a healing effect for a multitude of ailments to crocodile meat. In the Southern USA alligator meat is very popular for barbecues.

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Crocodile meat is pale and tender with a characteristic, mild taste of its own.

fine taste menue of speciality restaurants

Menues of speciality restaurants

In Europe, up to now this exotic delicacy has mostly been restricted to the menus of speciality restaurants.

The reason for this may be partly due to the European’s aversion to the idea of eating crocodile, a predator and non-indigenous species.

All trade with any kind of crocodile product is subject to extremely rigid restrictions, as the game populations are still under threat due to poaching.

The farm makes a contribution to the survival of the species as it supplies the existing market legally. The Chinese Alligator in China, for example, was almost extinct. Since the start of regular export of farmed crocodile products, the game population has managed to recover and increase to over 10000 animals.

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are guaranteed farm products, subject to continual, strict, expert, quality control, from the breeder animal right through to the final product.

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