Crocodile leather and protection of species - a contradiction?

environment protection in natural areas

All known crocodilians are mentioned on the Red List of dangered species. Up to now this has been a very weightly reason for environmentally conscious people to decisively reject otherwise highly demanded, exclusive crocodile skin articles.

without plundering the wild crocodiles

IZINTABA defined its task to breed crocodiles for the world market without plundering the wild crocodile population. In contrast to the so-called ranching, i.e. the collection of eggs in the wild, as being a current practice in e.g. Zimbabwe and Zambia, we at INZINTABA merely use those eggs which are derived from our very own breeding reptiles.

IZINTABA crocodile products are rather preferable due to keeping the animals in a favourable environment, feeding them a healthy diet and putting them through a quick, low-stress slaughtering procedure.

designed to images of natural habitat

The breeding stock lives on the farm in areas designed to the image of its natural habitat: There are sufficiently wide and deep dams, sunny, as well as shady spots and sandy surfaces ideal and popular for egg deposition. the breeders get fed fresh meat.

After egg hatching the crocodile babies are accommodated in hot houses. Due to crocodiles susceptibility to stress, IZINTABA attaches great importance to a peaceful environment, waste water is cleaned biologically.

CITES (Convention of International Trade and Endangered Species of World Fauna and Flora) issues export permits for all IZINTABA products.

high quality

By the way: Our crocodiles deliver products of higher quality than crocodiles poached under arduous and risky circumstances. Offering articles from controlled breeding farms leads to a market decrease for illegally hunted crocodiles. Therefore it is a measure worth being supported.

IZINTABA ist a founding member of Sacfa South African Crocodile Farmers association

IZINTABA skins are processed into timeless and beautiful leather goods that may be acquired and enjoyed with a clear consciense.

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